This savings is designed to meet your desired needs. In Nigeria, it is regular to see small contributory savings schemes where market men and women contribute a daily portion of their trading profit to a cooperative or the hands of a savings-collector. Yoruba calls this savings scheme Ajo while it is called Adashe by the Hausas’, and Igbos’ call it Esusu. The English word for it is Thrift Savings.
The world has gone digital but Thrift savings are still in same mundane way with so many irregularities; making it not attractive to corporate individuals as it is seen as savings for market people.
The Good NEWS is that, Bronze Stone Capital Thrift savings account/App has an Automatic Savings Program (ASP) that gives you the opportunity to save as little as one hundred naira (₦100) daily overtime with mobile technology using your phone or through our agent nearest to you.
We believe that saving money should be for everyone and by everyone. The Thrift Savings Account is a flexible and convenient savings account, designed for persons to make savings regularly on a daily basis. You can get started by opening an account with us here online and then  start saving as low as ₦100 using your mobile phone or through our Agent nearest to you.
It is Safe and secure with free credit and debit alert on your phone and mail-box anytime you make payment or withdraw.
It avails you the opportunity to save little change for unexpected expenses. You can pay for your recharge card top up and utility bills via the App.
You can make payment from your bank account to your Thrift Savings Account (TSA).
You can make withdrawal anytime, anywhere with no minimum balance.  Youcan make transfer from your TSA account to any bank account. It Eliminate banking queues and saves you the risk of crowded places.
It is a Tax-Free Savings Account
It encourages you to save daily
It reduces transportation cost and the risk of taking money to the bank daily.