We bring to you a Mutual Investment Account: This is a mutual savings account designed for anyone and everyone who wants to create another stream of cash flow for him or herself. This account gives you the opportunity to make a onetime investment of at least ₦50,000 or a monthly periodic payment of at least ₦5,000 with an annual Return on Investment of about 42% at the end of every business year that is Risk Free and capital protected.


  • We will study your needs and financial goals, create an investment plan that protects you and your businesses from life uncertainties and then execute the investment strategy.
  • We pay close attention to cost and risk to capitalizeon the cash flow opportunities of your business.
  • We run on the ability to offer credit facility to our customers to ensure the proper liquidityof their funds; is a crucial aspect to us.
  • We monitor portfolio cash management, including monthly and quarterly reforecast and strategizing ways to grow its balance.
  • We perform due diligence in financial analytics, performance and underwriting analysis.
  • We develop strategic solutions to optimally utilize company’s funds and meet your objectives.
  • We will provide a sound business plan that contains a strategy on how the fund will grow over time, calculates cash flowexpectations, a marketing plan to target future customers/investors.
  • We will identify ways to grow the primary fund and protect its security more effectively.
  • We will establish an advisory boardand explore disaster recovery strategies in case of cyber attacks, steep market downturns, or other portfolio-related threats to funds.

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