Discover all you need to know about saving for or after college, what Bronze Stone Capital Student Savings Plan can do to help maximize your savings on a modest budget.

Many parents and families today worry their child or grandchild will begin their adult lives burdened with getting a preferred job after higher institution. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Whether your son or daughter is getting ready for pre-school or high school, the time to figure out your options and make a plan is now. Find out how Bronze Stone Capital Student Savings Plan can be a part of your college savings strategy by reading further.

When it comes to college savings, many parents think they can’t save enough to make a difference, it’ll come down to a choice between paying for college or retirement, and also, many students think they can’t save enough to make a difference, it’ll come down to a choice between paying for school expenses or graduating with a better grades or how to pursue that desired dream/career/business after graduating from higher institution.

First things first — take a deep breath. It’s not about paying for everything — it’s about saving what you can. Next, know that you’re not alone in this. There’s a smart way to do it affordably and conveniently with Bronze Stone Capital Student Savings Plan.

The cost of College or starting that business shouldn’t Keep You Up at Night, Yes! College tuition costs and business Startup capital for most undergraduate and young graduate is a big concern for most parents and students. But there’s good news as Bronze Stone Capital can pay for these costs if you have a Student Savings Account with us.

You can open an account today and start small and save steady for as little as ₦50 at least as your daily savings or ₦500 weekly or ₦2,000 monthly. Since your account can grow tax deferred, you’ll potentially save more over time, so the sooner you start the better.

Bronze Stone Capital gives you more choice to choose from a variety of investments that fit your timeline and investment goals, including an easy age-based investment intended for those saving for college. The allocation automatically shifts from aggressive to conservative investments as you or your child approaches college age. Use the money to pay up your tuition fee or to start up your own business after Higher Institution.

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  • Earns interest at highly competitive rates.
  • Interest is calculated monthly and paid at maturity.
  • No fees or service charges.
  • Helps you to plan for major life events like: child school fees or raising a business startup capital.
  • Eligible to get a Loan from us
  • Check Account balance and apply for Loans using our USSD code: *347*14#
  • Protects you and your family from life’s uncertainties like: critical illness, disability or unexpected death or losses etc.

Turn Your Daily School Lunch or Birthday Checks into a Lot More

Did you know that if you start saving with ₦100 daily or ₦700 weekly or ₦3,100 monthly in your Bronze Stone Capital Student Savings Account when you were 7years and save consistently, by the time you are 16years i.e. in 9years time, you would have become a millionaire by hypothetically having nearly ₦1,020,539 in your account. It will even be far above one million naira in 8years if you make a onetime payment of 37,200 naira annually. That’s the power of compounding and it happens to every naira you put away in your Student Savings Account. So now imagine you were putting away the money you got for birthdays, holidays and part-time jobs. Combined with contributions from your friends and family, you can help save more for college and for that dream business after higher institutions.

A Plan for Every Employee

Saving for your child’s college tuition fee or for that his dream business idea startup capital after college is as easier and convenient as taking your retirement or healthcare deductions savings from your salary. Getting the kids out the door in the morning is a monumental task, so saving for college shouldn’t be even more work. With the BRONZE STONE CAPITAL Student Savings Plan, you can contribute to your child’s college savings account without adding anything else to your ‘to do’ list.

Once you set up the account, your employer can automatically deduct the contribution each pay period. With minimums as low as ₦100 daily or ₦700 weekly or ₦3,100 monthly or ₦37,200 annually, such a saving doesn’t have to make a huge dent in your budget. And if you get that big raise, it’s simple to increase the deposit amount. It’s a worry-free, simple, all-in-one option way to save big for higher education costs or for that future business dream of your child.

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