Our corporate social responsibility since inception is working on this key non-financial component of economic development through two major initiatives: financial literacy and business training. Our vision statement is to Bring Wealth to our customers and the teeming populace, that is why our purpose has been to work for the progress and advancement of human lives, business enterprises, low and high income earners: to build, grow and exchange business ideas with them so as to actualize our mission of promoting successful accomplishment through teaching sound financial principles in acquiring, keeping and making more money.


Bronze Stone Capital financial literacy program helps clients improve their ability to manage their personal and household finances and become informed and effective consumers of financial services. The core financial management skills provided in our programs allow low-income customers to move beyond credit management to access and effectively use important asset-building tools such as savings and investing rightly. Financial literacy is also a critical component of consumer protection, creating knowledgeable customers who can more effectively use financial services and avoid the risks of over-indebtedness.

Bronze Stone Capital program is targeted at high and low-income household members with low levels of education and includes courses on financial planning, cash flow management, budgeting, investing, insurance, savings and debt management etc.

We have developed a comprehensive suite of financial literacy materials focused in the areas where customers can most dramatically improve their quality of life, with topics such as income generation, asset building, financial management and risk management. We started the first financial literacy symposium in University of Benin on December 8th, 2016 at Twin LT Auditorium.

Bronze Stone Capital is pushing the frontier of current work in financial literacy by developing innovative ways to deliver content to low-income customers, students of secondary schools, tertiary institutions, small and medium scale business owners and their staffs, NGO’s and organisation. This new delivery method is free and it aim to more effectively train larger groups of persons to be financially literate.  

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