Bronze Stone Capital is a non-banking financial institution, an investment firm, providing the needed investment advisory services that is imperative, thus, the company is positioned professionally and resource-wise to provide a number of wide ranging investments services to meet the client’s expectations with steadily high returns on investments and capital protection; as we provide capital to address the world’s most pressing challenges in sectors including but not limited to various asset classes including Real Estate Investments, Sustainable Agriculture Investments, MSME’s Micro-financing Investments and Asset-Backed Investments etc.

Bronze Stone Capital renders financial services to individuals, corporate bodies and organisations in need of micro-savings or investing advice and services, we also provide credit facility and soft loans without collateral to micro, small and medium scale enterprises (MSME), low and high income earners to ensure the proper liquidity of their funds to build, grow and exchange business ideas. As a dedicated financial leader with extensive experience in funds/investment management, we possess the ability to analyze and communicate portfolio performance, prepare financial analysis data as well as assist in the overall valuation process. Advising you on asset allocation, development of investment policy statements, and management of investment portfolios

Bronze Stone Capital is a dynamic organization of multi-talented and dedicated professionals, working together to provide a broad range of services and offering products that make the lives of our diverse stakeholders easier. Our astute and detail oriented personnel has the ability to interpret data with business consequence in mind. We are able to relay complex information effectively and communicate vital information across an enterprise. Our leadership philosophy promotes team collaboration, motivating staff to exceed goals. We are a resourceful problem solver with a keen ability to identify process improvements, cost savings and maintain financial and operational oversight.

We pride our self as one of the best in Nigeria with a hard-earned reputation for excellent business practices and products quality with our operational headquarters in the bustling metropolis of Lagos, Nigeria in West Africa.

Since inception, Bronze Stone Capital has experienced phenomenal growth on account of quality of its services. It is focused on cost leadership and efficiency of its human capital poised to reach new heights in every endeavor, competing with itself to better the past with the integration of professional investment management and continuous development to deliver excellent financial and social results with higher returns.


TRANSPARENCY:  We’re straight forward, provide able to see transactions to clients’.

INTEGRITY:  All business deal offered are done in sincerity and trustworthiness.

PROFESSIONALISM:  Our services are delivered by knowledgeable workforce not only to meet up but to surpass our clients’ anticipation.

STABILITY:  We remain unchanged and focused even in economic uncertainty.


VISION:  Bringing You Wealth

PURPOSE:  To Work for the Progress and Advancement of Human Lives, and Business Enterprises; to Build, Grow and exchange Business ideas.

MISSION:  Promoting Successful Accomplishment through Teaching Sound Financial Principles in Acquiring, Keeping and Making More Money.



We’re a Loving People to be with and Determined to Bring you Wealth 


We are Reliable, Safe and Honest to Help you Grow your Wealth.


We are Transparent


We are Offer Quality and Valuable  Service to our Customers.

We exist to add value to human Lives. When we adhere to these maxims, everything else will fall into place; as our services will exceed the expectations of our customers.