Housing anywhere in the world is a basic necessity, which in the order of human needs according to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory; shelter is one of the basic needs of man and ranks next only to air, food, water and sleep. This underscores the importance of housing to the well-being of an individual.

Available statistics show that 87% of the total household population in Nigeria lives in rented apartments. This fact, no doubt, makes Nigeria a viable investment destination for local and foreign investors, given the huge population size.

With a housing deficit of more than 20 million units, Nigeria’s property market which requires an estimated N170trillon to N200trillion to bridge the housing gap is considered one of the top investment options in Nigeria due to the following reasons:


Access to affordable housing is a challenge for Nigeria’s 200 million populations. With the high rate of urbanization coupled with the projection that the country’s population will double at 400 million by 2050, the real estate market is an area that holds good return for residential and commercial investments.

Real estate investments are often described as inflation hedge investments. Inflation resistant investments are typically assets that are expected to increase, or at least maintain in value. This plays into three aspects that make real estate a great tool to fight inflation: appreciating value, increasing income (rents) and depreciating debt.

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